Hermes vintage

Fascinated by craftsmanship and history, we have put together some of the most iconic Hermès designs that cannot be found in stores.

Our business mostly consists of selling luxury second-hand bags.Our online store carries various different second-hand Hermès items such as much sought-after vintage Hermès bags or vintage Hermès scarves.


Thierry Hermès was the founder of what is considered to be the world’s most prestigious brand. Born in Germany in 1801, he settled in Normandy at the age of 20 and trained as an equestrian saddler and harness-maker.

At the age of 36, he opened a store under his own name on Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris, producing and selling saddles and harnesses he had designed himself. Thierry Hermès passed on his love for this profession and the family business to his son Charles.

He achieved international recognition and fame as a result of the Paris Universal Exhibition held in 1878. Thierry Hermès won the second prize amongst seven entrants.

Expertise, traditions and innovations were passed down through each generation. The founder’s grandson and a father of four daughters, Émile Hermès, handed over the reins to Robert Dumas, one of his sons-in-law and a faithful employee. He was renowned for creating the Kelly bag and designing the Hermès scarves.

Hermès has remained one of the most creative fashion houses ever since. In 2020, the brand unveiled its latest innovation and technical feat: the double-sided silk scarf. With this, Hermès became the world’s first luxury fashion house to print silk scarves on both sides.