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For Sure Vintage has a catalog of vintage, pre-loved or second-hand handbags from major French luxury brands like Chanel, Hermes or Louis Vuitton. Selected for their rarity, their authenticity, their know-how and the quality of the materials used, come to discover them !

Selection of vintage, pre-loved or second-hand luxury bags

If you are looking for a Kelly bag, a Birkin bag, a classic Chanel Timeless double flap bag or limited editions bags from major brands, For Sure Vintage has collected iconic pre-owned and rare pieces for you. The bags we are selling are in excellent condition, some of them may even appear new because they were barely worn by their first owner.

Quality guarantees

Previously a lawyer, Virginie Ermoy, founder of For Sure Vintage, examines each piece before purchasing it. At the slightest doubt, she sets aside a suspicious bag in order to effectively fight against counterfeiting.

Each bag is a piece that only exists in a single copy. Don't miss the gem you've been dreaming of ; write to us or DM for any questions relating to the models that are for sale.

The “extra” of For Sure Vintage online store is that you can meet Virginie in Paris, during a dedicated appointment, to try on your coveted bag model and get to know each other. There's no better way to make a well-considered, stress-free purchase !

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