About us

For Sure Vintage is an online store founded in 2020 by Virginie Ermoy, a former lawyer at the Paris Bar. Highly dedicated and professional, Virginie travels the world to source unique and authentic vintage, second-hand or pre-owned luxury fashion items.

With boundless enthusiasm for design, craftsmanship and fashion, Virginie changed her career path in 2019, channelling all her energy into promoting vintage fashion which enjoyed a major boom in 2021 (during the post-covid era).

To avoid fakes – which are particularly rife in the second-hand luxury goods market – Virginie draws on her existing knowledge as well as extensive research whilst working alongside renowned professionals in the bags and costume jewelry

Pre-loved luxury items such as Chanel costume jewelry, Hermes scarves, a whole host of accessories, a small amount of clothing and many emblematic bags such as the Kelly, Birkin, double-flap Timeless and Diana can all be found on the For Sure Vintage website.

Priority is given to the quality and originality of the pieces, from Kelly designs to vintage Chanel Timeless bags. Virginie is always on the lookout for luxury bags in particularly rare colours or shapes. In terms of costume jewelry, the emphasis is on Chanel designs from the 1980s and 1990s. For Hermès scarves, the aim is to offer models with a distinctive theme, design or colour range.

The number of items sold on the website is deliberately restricted, as For Sure Vintage is not an online consignment store.

For Sure Vintage owns all the pieces listed for sale on the website, guaranteeing that each and every item is authentic. It fully researches all items in advance to ensure they are original and not counterfeit.

Using its own resources to acquire the various items found online reflects true professionalism, placing For Sure Vintage on the same footing as antique and art dealers.

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