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For Sure Vintage is a second-hand sales site specializing in luxury brand bags

In addition to Chanel and Hermes, we source vintage, second-hand and pre-loved bags mainly from Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Celine, with the emphasis always on the singular character of the bag.

What sets us apart is that we look for pieces that are out of the ordinary. For example, you won't find 10 similar Speedy Louis Vuitton bags on For Sure Vintage.

Virginie Ermoy, the founder of For Sure Vintage, who is also a former lawyer, limits sourcing to certain brands to avoid selling counterfeits, but also because the site is not an online consignment store. In fact, For Sure Vintage owns all the items you see online.

Virginie, explains that she chooses bags according to several criteria, such as :

- The rarity and originality of the bag : I prefer bags with a specific history, color, shape or patterns.

- The condition and quality of the bag : I check that the bag is in good condition, has no major defects, and has retained its original shape and shine. If necessary, I take the bag to a leather craftsman for cleaning and moisturizing.

- The price and value of the bag : I compare the price of the bag on the second-hand market, take into account its historical and aesthetic value, and negotiate with sellers to offer the bag at the right price on the For Sure Vintage website.

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