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For Sure Vintage is an online shop which was created in 2020 by Virginie Ermoy, previously a lawyer at the Paris Bar. Virginie draws on the dedication and professionalism she acquired in her previous role to seek out unique and authentic items.

With a passion for fashion and craftsmanship, Virginie seeks out and selects vintage or second-hand pieces with high added value such as Chanel and Hermès designs.


The website brings together pre-owned luxury fashion items such as Chanel costume jewelry, Hermes scarves, various accessories, a small amount of clothing and many iconic bags such as the Kelly and Birkin models for Hermes, or the classic Timeless and Diana models for Chanel.








The emphasis is on the quality and unique character of the pieces, whether for highly prized models such as the second-hand Kelly bag or the so-called “Timeless” classic double-flap bag by Chanel. The most sought-after luxury items are those that are particularly rare in terms of their shape, size, colour or materials used, as well as being in excellent condition.



CR, Geneva, August 2023

MJ, Paris, September 2023

MP, Stockholm, September 2023

Mrs HB, France, November 2022

Mrs B, France, October 2022

MP, France, April 2022

DH, Belgium, May 2021

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All the pieces listed have been purchased by For Sure Vintage. This means that authenticity is fully guaranteed, as the brand owns all the items listed on the website. It goes without saying that using our own resources to build our stock ensures we are uncompromising when it comes to the authenticity and condition of the pieces we then offer online.