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For Sure Vintage is an online store specializing in the sale of luxury handbags and costume jewelry, both second-hand, vintage or pre-owned, such as Chanel couture jewelry.

While searching for luxury bags or vintage costume jewelry, the founder sometimes comes across other pre-owned fashion pieces that she considers interesting enough to include in the For Sure Vintage catalog.

Here you will find a selection of vintage and second-hand accessories such as Hermes scarves (so called “carrés Hermès” in French) and scarves by leading brands, as well as a short selection of vintage luxury women's clothing.

At For Sure Vintage we love vintage because it represents elegance, charm and style. We admire the know-how and creativity of the great designers who have left their mark on the history of fashion. We respect the environment and we want to give a second life to fashion pieces with character.

Accessories and outfits have been chosen for their quality, style and originality. They all bear witness to the creative genius of luxury houses such as Chanel, Hermes and Yves Saint-Laurent.

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