Chanel vintage

Our online store offers the very best pieces from the brand’s golden era (1980s/1990s), such as vintage Chanel bags including the famous double-flap design, otherwise known as the Timeless bag, vintage Chanel jewellerysuch as brooches, bracelets and necklaces, or vintage Chanel wardrobe pieces such as the fabulous tweed jackets that never go out of fashion.


Gabrielle Chanel believed that women and men are equal. As a result, women should be free to wear trousers in the same, laid-back style as men, adding genuine or costume jewelry to retain their sophisticated look.

Women should also have freedom to move, which is why Gabrielle Chanel invented the shoulder bag in 1955. Her famous 2.55 model meant that women were free to use their hands rather than feeling constrained by carrying a bag or clutch bag.

The CHANEL style blends carefree simplicity with refined opulence – a true paradox!

A paradox that was also the driving force behind Karl Lagerfeld, appointed artistic director in 1983. His ambition was to reunite the brand’s past with the present. The couturier breathed new life into CHANEL, making it highly successful in the 1980s and 1990s.